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Good Automation is your premier resource for commercial functional test systems. We offer end-to-end diagnostics, process design, system optimization, automation, development, integration, validation, and custom reporting. As accredited LabVIEW and TestStand experts, we can deliver fast and reliable turnkey automated test systems. Do it right the first time and call Good Automation.

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We optimize your testing process to achieve maximum efficiency, enhanced reliability and speed with expanded capabilities.

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We design and develop highly specialized test systems using fully integrated hardware and software to produce dependable results.

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We validate and document the complete test system so that you meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

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We do big data. From file export to complete database integration, we offer a monitoring system you can access from anywhere.

Our ProcessGood Automation provides a results-driven process that quickly and efficiently identifies key inefficiencies or malfunctions within the devices you need tested. We offer a simple turnkey solution including diagnostics, hardware and software integration, results monitoring, and system automation that is engineered specifically to provide consistent, reliable, and immediate results.
  • Onsite Consulting & Plan Formulation

    We begin with a personalized consultation with your team to identify all requirements for your test systems:

    • Needs analysis and requirements documentation
    • System diagnostics and specifications
    • Schedule development and accessibility parameters
    • Implementation plan collaboration
    • Estimation and quote development

  • Solution Design, Development, & Integration

    Functional test systems feature a scalable architecture and exceed a full range of requirements including:

    • LabVIEW, TestStand, Visual C/C++/C#, LabWindows CVI
    • Full turnkey fixture design and integration service
    • Instrument control – PXI, GPIB, Serial, Ethernet, Bluetooth
    • High speed analog & digital functional test
    • Digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
    • Characterization, calibration, and modeling
    • On-board Flash and other non-volatile device programming
    • Device Under Test (DUT) control

  • Reporting & Data Analytics

    Test data is collected, analyzed, and compiled into customized reports and includes the following features:

    • Export features enable import to Microsoft Excel
    • Export routines with complete database integration
    • Development and validation to 21CFR11 Electronics Records
    • Highly Accessible Mobile systems monitoring & reporting
    • Flat files – .csv, .xml, .atml, etc.
    • Data mining, analytics, and business intelligence
    • Data visualizations – Spotfire, Tableau, MS BIDS, and more

  • Verification, Validation, & Documentation

    Intuitive graphical user interfaces together with comprehensive documentation allow operators to start production within hours after commissioning:

    • Articulate intended use and capture user requirements
    • Create Detailed design specifications
    • Develop hardware, software, and mechanical interfaces
    • Draft detailed design documents
    • Plan validation activities and perform risk assessment
    • Establish validation protocols (IQ, OQ, PQ)
    • Dry run, then execute protocols
    • Document results and compile Requirements Trace

  • Delivery, Training, & Ongoing Support

    A dedicated Good Automation project manager is assigned to your project. Functional test systems are delivered as true turnkey solutions. Training on system operation and maintenance is included. Standard procedures and practices such as operator safety, security and access, reporting and file output, and statistical process control requirements are supported by our team of experts.

    • Rapid deployment and maintenance of the equipment
    • Realtime test results


  • ApplicationsGood Automation offers industry-specific consulting services to assist customers in developing commerical-grade test strategies and integrated systems. We will help you to create product and process requirements from a single board to systems level testing. Good Automation can improve production quality, volume, and operational costs to achieve peak efficiency.

    Industry_MedicalMedical Device Functional Testing Expertise
    Good Automation is an expert in test method validation and software validation as required by FDA’s Quality System Regulation. We can create a test system and provide sufficient documentation to meet FDA regulatory requirements in one simple package. We also provide turnkey validation services for existing test systems. Features include:

    • FDA warning letter remediation
    • Gap analysis and drafting of test systems related QMS documents (SOPs, WIs, templates, etc.)
    • Full-service test systems development and risk driven systems validation
    • 21CFR820.70(i) manufacturing and quality system software validation
    • 21CFR820.72(a) test method validation
    • 21CFR11 electronic records and electronic signatures validation
    • Design verification testing
    • Manufacturing process automation and validation
    • Custom training at your facility on the above concepts
    • Contact a Good Automation Medical Specialist

    Aerospace & DefenseAerospace & Defense Functional Testing Expertise
    Good Automation is an expert in turnkey automatic test systems for the Aerospace & Defense industry:

    Industry_SemiconductorSemiconductor Functional Testing Expertise
    Test time matters. So does accuracy. And SPC. Good Automation gets the fast paced, highly technical, world of RF semi-conductor testing and can build a system that works:

    Industry_OilOil & Gas Functional Testing Expertise
    Good Automation understands that the accuracy of downhole tools translate directly into dollars. Services Include:


    Solving complex problems through simple elegant solutions is what drives us. We here at Good Automation love our craft and you will soon discover why. Here are a few words from our Customers:

    “Ab and Good Automation were great to work with. Ab is the type of person who does not let any challenge get in the way of success. For him, there is always a way. His energy and drive are among the strongest that I have ever encountered.”

    Dir, Product Development @ Medical Device Startup

    “Ab and the team at Good Automation supported Cochlear in our effort to streamline SOPs and automate our test system verification activities. They have in-depth knowledge of FDA test requirements, especially around 21 CFR Parts 11 and 820. The design and verification strategy developed with Good Automation has resulted in the delivery of more impactful test solutions.”

    Mgr, Test System Development @ Class III Medical Device Company

    “We are extremely happy with our experience with Good Automation.  Their professionalism and dedication is way above our expectations. We plan to continue our relationship for a long time to come.”

    Sr. Mgr @ Public Internet of Things Company

    “As a lead project scientist, I have worked closely with the Good Automation team to develop an automated test system for my research group.  Good Automation has been a real asset to the project.  They work very hard to understand our automation problem, outline the tasking, and work to the project scope, schedule and cost constraints.  I have found their entire staff to be very professional and provide the highest level of support possible.  I plan on continuing to use Good Automation as my LabVIEW and TestStand developers as future projects arise.”

    Acting Dir @ Oil & Gas Services Company

    “Airline Component Parts recently presented Good Automation with a very challenging automated computer application. The program is working great and both shop floor and management are satified with the results. Thanks again to the guys at Good Automation for a job well done.”

    COO @ Airline Parts Refurbisher

    “Good Automation is our best-kept secret. They really know their stuff!”

    Owner @ Dallas Based Small Business

    “We were stuck on a complicated problem for weeks. Good Automation implemented a simple solution within a few days.”

    Sr. Mgr @ International Medical Device Company

    GOOD Case Studies

    Case Study 1: Medical Device Company
    Problem Test systems validation and revalidation activities were becoming prohibitively expensive
    Solution Delivered custom training to test engineering, quality assurance, and IT staff. Consulted on SOPs and work instructions to remove inefficiencies and streamline the test systems validation process. Automated key steps in the test systems VnV process. Drafted validation protocols for library of core software modules.
    Result Better process and 50% improvement in test team efficiency.
    Case Study 2: Medical Device Company
    Problem FDA warning letter
    Solution Trained test engineering and regulatory affairs staff on software validation and test method validation. Authored a LabVIEW work instruction to create a set of best practices that can be used by developers across the test organization. Led effort to remediate an existing test system.
    Result Knowledgeable staff and cleaner more standardized code allowing for objective standard for reviewing LabVIEW source code. Clean set of remediated documentation for that specific test system and one less item to worry about during the next FDA inspection.
    Case Study 3: Aerospace / Defense Company
    Problem Needed automated fatigue test systems for all the test fixtures of helicopter parts in a plant
    Solution Developed deterministic, real-time embedded software. Integrated open-loop and closed-loop control algorithms. Integrated identification algorithm to model different tests.
    Result Resolved critical technical challenges that stopped the plant from running tests. Unlocked the potential of millions of dollars of hardware equipment investment.
    Case Study 4: Oil and Gas Company
    Problem Needed a high-level plan and strategy for automating testing in R&D with a roadmap toward deploying tests to manufacturing
    Solution Created a test software framework and hardware abstraction layer and self-paced training documentation
    Result Internal time to market has been significantly improved on several R&D testing efforts. Software was adopted by manufacturing team ahead of schedule and successfully implemented with minimal additional training. R&D was able to capture a critical market opportunity that would have been otherwise impossible.

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